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Why choose the Center for Orthopedics?

The surgeons at the Center for Orthopedics are young, highly trained, cutting-edge physicians. They have undergone advanced specialty training throughout the U.S., bringing surgical services to Northeast Ohio that virtually no one else does.

The Center for Orthopedics is one of the first practices in the U.S. to offer robotic knee replacement. Our surgeons are experts in state-of the-art surgical techniques including minimally invasive sports medicine procedures, total elbow replacement, gender-specific knee replacement, total wrist replacement,  x-stop spinal surgery for spinal stenosis and even neck disc replacement.

Find out why other orthopedists in Northeast Ohio refer their patients to us for spine surgery, hand surgery and advanced arthroscopy.

Meet our advanced-trained orthopedic surgeons

John K. Krebs, MD

specializes in upper extremity surgery, total joint replacement and sports medicine. He is fellowship-trained in hand surgery.
Dr. John K Krebs

Robert M. Zanotti, MD

specializes in sports medicine and arthroscopic shoulder surgery. He has fellowship training in sports medicine, arthroscopy and reconstructive surgery.
Dr. Robert M. Zanotti

William B. Stanfield, MD

specializes in joint replacement, sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery.
Dr. William B. Stanfield

Daniel J. Zanotti, MD

specializes in sports medicine and arthroscopy. He completed fellowship training in sports medicine and minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures.
Dr. Daniel Zanotti

Robert J. Berkowitz, MD

specializes in spine surgery, sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. He has advanced specialty training in back and neck surgery.
Dr. Robert Berkowitz

Harkeet Sandhu, MD

specializes in primary care sports medicine, non-operative orthopedics, and post-concussion syndrome.
Dr. Harkeet Sandhu

David G. Marsh, Jr., MD

specializes in sports medicine, knee and shoulder arthroscopy.
Dr. David Marsh

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