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Our Facilities

The Center for Orthopedics’ award-winning EMH Sheffield Medical Building in Sheffield Village, Ohio is designed to offer you comprehensive orthopedic care.
EMH Sheffield Medical Building
Our spacious new building offers you:

  • Large, modern patient exam rooms
  • A fully equipped physical therapy center 
  • A state-of-the-art  Orthopedic Injury Clinic with next-day appointments
  • Digital X-ray access

Plus, for your convenience:

  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Tablet PCs with Internet access
  • Plenty of free parking

Dr. Robert Zanotti answers questions about the Sheffield Village office

Q. What makes the EMH Sheffield Medical Building convenient for patients?

“We essentially offer one-stop shopping for your orthopedic care. For example, you can come in, get your stitches out, see your doctor, get an X-ray and work with your physical therapist—all in one visit.”

Q. Can I choose another physical therapy center if I like?

“Of course, but a lot of patients like to use our physical therapy center because it offers expert care, plus convenience. When you come in for your rehab, you get to see your doctor at the same time—so you don’t have to make a separate trip.

“If you chose the rehab center down the highway, you would go for your rehab—and they do a great job—but then you would have to get your notes and book a separate appointment for your two-week doctor visit.”

Q. Can having all these facilities under one roof speed my therapy?

“Yes. Coordinating your therapy saves time so you can proceed with your rehab faster. During a session at our physical therapy center, your doctor can walk up, see you, assess your progress and speak to the physical therapist. This can accelerate your therapy—and it fosters clear, direct communication between you, your doctor and your physical therapist.

“On the other hand, if you went to the rehab center down the highway, the physical therapist would say, ‘Well, now you need to go back to the doctor and if you get a note advancing your weight-bearing to a higher level, then I can start that.’ That delay between the physical therapy session, the doctor’s visit and your next rehab session can prolong your recovery.”

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