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Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction

Have you torn your ACL? recover fast with all-arthroscoptic ACL reconstruction.

“We see a lot of knee injuries, especially in football and soccer players,” says Daniel Zanotti, MD, who is fellowship-trained in sports medicine and arthroscopy.

“At the Center for Orthopedics, we’re pushing the envelope with a brand-new all-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction procedure being performed by only a few U.S. orthopedic surgeons.”

Have you torn your ACL? recover fast  with all-arthroscoptic ACL reconstruction.

A brand-new all-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction procedure allowed me to shed my crutches in less than two weeks.

– Dennis, age 34

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What advantages does all-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction offer?

  • Band-Aid incisions
  • Less pain and swelling
  • Quicker progression in rehab

All-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction minimizes pain and swelling

“With this minimally invasive ACL surgery, most of the pain and swelling subsides after 4-6 weeks, vs. 3-4 months for traditional open or partial-arthroscopic ACL replacement,” Dr. Zanotti explains.

Donated tendon tissue eases recovery

“Traditionally, ACL reconstruction was done using the patient’s own tendon tissue,” says Dr. Zanotti. “Orthopedic surgeons have recently started using allograft or donor tendon tissue.

“We’ve tried to eliminate any incisions for harvesting grafts or even for inserting them—doing everything arthroscopically through a few tiny holes,” he explains.

Complete healing still takes 6 months

“Although you can expect to have less pain and start rehab sooner after all-arthroscopic ACL replacement, it still takes six months before you can return to your full normal activities,” Dr. Zanotti advises. “The body needs that time to incorporate the new tissue and fully heal the ACL.”

Is all-arthroscopic ACL replacement right for you?

This information is simply an introduction to all-arthroscopic ACL replacement. To find out if this is an appropriate choice for you, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Zanotti or another one of our board-certified orthopedic surgeons.

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