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Physical Therapy

Our Expert Therapists Help You Return to Your Top Level of Performance

Whether you are an athlete, working professional or busy parent recovering from an injury or a post-surgical patient ready to return to your previous level of functional activity, it’s our priority to assist you in the healing process and perform at your personal best.


Our Expert Therapists Help You Return to Your Top Level of Performance

At The Center for Orthopedics, our physical therapists are experienced in the area of orthopedic rehabilitation and will design a customized therapeutic program for you and deliver the highest quality care to help you make a complete recovery. Each patient evaluation is specific to the area of physical injury or the surgical recovery leading to a task specific rehabilitation plan of care.

I had my ACL surgery one day and started physical therapy the very next. Now I’m back to running three miles every other day.

– Janis

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

No matter what condition or injury you’re facing, you’re assured of the highest quality individualized care in Physical Therapy at The Center for Orthopedics. The department has the newest equipment for assessment and rehabilitation to provide each patient with an individualized program to meet the patient’s needs for a full recovery.

Our therapists will guide you through a comprehensive plan of care including stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises, as well as therapeutic modalities including ultrasound, heat/cold therapy, electrical stimulation, Vaso-pneumatic compression for edema management, and spinal mobilization techniques.

Specialty Areas

Joint Replacement Therapy
Our physical therapists work closely with the orthopedic surgeon to coordinate rehabilitation techniques with the state-of-the-art techniques and prosthetic components for successful recovery from these surgeries. Restoration of mobility, strength, balance, and walking patterns are our top priority to enhance a full recovery to return to one’s pre-surgery level of function.

Post-Operative Care
Our physical therapists create a comprehensive plan suited to your post-surgical recovery needs and establish goals for a safe return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Back and Spine Therapy
Certainly no spine is the same and therefore no spinal concern is the same. Our therapists have experience in the evaluation and treatment of your spine with an individual focus on understanding why you have pain. Each patient concern is treated individually and patients are provided with education and an individualized therapy plan to stabilize your spine and reduce painful movement patterns. Each treatment plan is directed to improve strength and flexibility and alleviate pain for those with low back pain, degenerative disc disease, or herniated discs.

Sports Rehabilitation
Each sports injury requires interventions that are specific for the athlete’s ability to return to competition. The physical therapists at CFO are trained to diagnose the contributing physiological problem and develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to return the athlete to competition.

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