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Success Stories

Couple Active Again Thanks to CFO

Sue and Woody Schubert live an active lifestyle. They hike, walk their dogs 5 miles a day, and Woody also enjoys running. Approximately three years ago, their fit way of life got sidelined by pain. Sue was having knee trouble while Woody's hip was giving him problems.

Sue was the first to take action, having her right knee replaced by Dr. Robert Zanotti. Then Woody decided to get a consultation on his hip with Dr. William Stanfield. Both Sue and Woody said their experience with CFO, Dr. Stanfield and Dr. Zanotti could not have been any better.

As Sue said, “The doctors were fantastic. The office staff was fantastic. The whole program at CFO was top notch. Even as busy as it is in the office, they run it smoothly and the process — from consultation to surgery to recovery — worked very well for both of us. We couldn’t be happier.”

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