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Success Stories

Crutches to Stairs in 5 Days

Bill Moroney has been a basketball official, running the courts, for 14 years. He was running the courts when he noticed he was having issues walking and bending. He spent the next two years hating to bend a certain way or put on his right sock. After a fall shoveling snow, he started using crutches and could no longer manage steps.


“The Doctor asked me about the walking problems, and I told him I thought it was arthritis. He x-rayed my entire right side and said, ‘What happened to your right hip? You don’t have one!’”

Dr. William Stanfield did a full right hip replacement and Bill was impressed by how quickly he was able to resume the activities he had been denied for years. “Last year I was sedentary. Now, four weeks after surgery, I am refereeing again. I can’t run yet, but I can walk really fast. And I’m doing stairs, cleaning gutters and cutting my grass. I feel fully recovered.”

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