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Success Stories

Finding Dr. Dan Zanotti like Finding Gold


Jean Paris had been to the same doctors office for her arthritic knee pain for over six years, but only saw the doctor once. She also only experienced one course of treatment -- cortisone shots. Finally she demanded something different and was offered radiofrequency ablation or nerve cauterization for pain. She had an uneasy feeling and sought a second opinion from Dr. Dan Zanotti.

While Dr. Zanotti did let Jean know that he did not think radiofrequency ablation was a good solution for her arthritic knee pain, he did suggest a change in arthritis medication, special orthotics and a few other in-office treatment options beyond cortisone shots. Unfortunately, within six months, Jean’s knee, even though she was in her 50s, was deteriorating quickly and eroding her quality of life.“When I found Dr. Zanotti, it was like finding gold,” says Jean. “He offered so much more than just a cortisone shot.”

Jean says, “I couldn’t walk my dog and couldn’t stand at functions any longer. I always had to sit. I wanted to wait as long as possible, but when I could barely get out of bed, I knew it was time. Dr. Zanotti and his physician's assistant, Katelyn, sat and listened to everything I had to say. I never left his office without feeling that all of my questions had been answered. We all decided the best course of action was to do the full knee replacement. “

Now, after surgery, Jean feels great and is grateful for her decision. She reports that she only had pain one day in the hospital and it was controlled quickly by pain medication, which she was able to stop taking within a week. From there, she started outpatient physical therapy with no issues.

“I haven’t had pain. I get stiff, but I’m not in pain at all. I was able to walk up stairs the day I got home from the hospital. It’s been 4.5 weeks since surgery and I’m driving again. This surgery was the best thing I ever did.”

Jean now wonders why she ever hesitated to have the surgery. “I regret even worrying about it. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as some people told me. You have to dedicate yourself to your recovery, your therapy, but it’s worth it. I’ll need my second knee done eventually and I am not worried at all and not hesitant. I am getting my life back.”


To anyone considering surgery or a second opinion on their knee pain, Jean recommends Dr. Zanotti and the staff at CFO.

“I noticed a huge difference in the quality of the physician's assistant and the doctor and entire staff at CFO. I knew at the first appointment that Dr. Zanotti was a great doctor. He had a lot of compassion and you don’t see a lot of that anymore. The whole staff is great. Anytime I call the office they always return my calls. The experience has been amazing.”
As a final note of encouragement Jean says, “If you are having doubts, absolutely seek out a second opinion. And I recommend you seek it from Center for Orthopedics. I have already referred a couple people.”

Thanks for the recommendation, Jean, and thank you for sharing your story! If you need a second opinion, or a first opinion on knee or other joint pain, give us a call at 440-329-2800.