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Success Stories

Patient Thrilled by Results of PRP Injections

temp-post-imageKevin began treatment with cortisone injections, but after those had run their course, Dr. Dan Zanotti offered and educated Kevin about PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections.

Kevin said, “After the second injection, my world changed. The difference was nothing short of a miracle. In 3-7 days, I stopped being aware of any knee pain at all. I could walk, run, bike and do anything and everything virtually pain free. I honestly, don’t even think about my knee anymore. I’m very thankful.”

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections use an individual’s own intact, living cellular materials— platelets, white blood cells, or stem cells — and then reintroduced those into the body to help heal and treat issues arising from inflammation or arthritis. In that procedure, which has been done regularly at the Center for Orthopedics since 2011, patients give their own blood and the doctor uses a centrifuge to extract platelets and inject them into the site of the injury to help healing.

While PRP injections are not the right treatment for everyone, Kevin does highly recommend the procedure to those who could benefit. “I would, most certainly, highly recommend the PRP injections. For me, this was a God-send. Bad knees and the pain of not being able to walk or be more active had an extremely negative impact on my life and general well-being. This procedure has given me pain-free, full mobility via a low-cost, simple and natural procedure.”

Kevin not only recommends the procedure, but recommends having it done with Dr. Dan Zanotti at the Center for Orthopedics. ”I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Zanotti and his team at the Center for Orthopedics. They are true professionals with a vast knowledge of all the latest and innovative techniques and procedures…who also bring a wonderful degree of heart, compassion and understanding to the equation as well. You will be well served and cared for by Dr. Zanotti’s team. Don’t live the only life you have in pain.”