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Success Stories

Physician is Pain Free After Lumbar Fusion

Retired physician, Dr. Paul Spierling, did not want to have back surgery for his spinal stenosis, but he knew he had to do something because of the crippling pain. His primary care physician recommended he see Dr. Robert Berkowitz.

temp-post-image“You like the guy the minute you get introduced,” says Dr. Spierling. “He was immediately concerned about my problem and said, ‘You and I both don’t want surgery.’ And he was right about that.”

Dr. Berkowitz and Dr. Spierling tried many different options including physical therapy, pain management and chiropractic care, but ultimately, both agreed that surgery was no longer avoidable.

Spierling says, “I was getting to be a housebound cripple and I wanted it taken care of and I knew this was the doctor who could do it. We both agreed that rather than keep trying things piecemeal, we needed to really deal with it.”

Dr. Berkowitz recommended that Spierling have surgery to fuse three segments in his lumbar region. Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that fuses together two or more vertebrae so that they heal into solid bone to eliminate pain and/or restore stability.

“Dr. Berkowitz has unsurpassed skill as far as I’m concerned. My recovery was smooth and the surgery fixed my back pain immediately. I have no more back pain. I also have more sensation in my leg and foot than I did before the surgery. That’s a hopeful sign.”

Dr. Spierling recommends Dr. Berkowitz to anyone who is having back pain. “I would send anybody to him for similar problems. He’s got a great philosophy for staying up on the latest techniques and he’s a great doctor. I don’t want to have to see him, but it’s always a pleasure to go see him. ”

Are you experiencing back pain from spinal stenosis or another condition? Give Dr. Berkowitz a call at The Center for Orthopedics. 440-329-2800.