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Success Stories

Referred to the Right People

My wife, Rose, and I are offering our Highest Praise to Dr. Robert Zanotti and your staff at the Center for Orthopedics.

Rose has been experiencing a lot of knee pain in both her knees for quite some time with the right being the worst, so she made an appointment with our family Doctor (Peter Gotsis) to have this checked out. After examining her, X-rays etc., he referred Rose to Dr. Robert Zanotti at the Center for Orthopedics.

From the moment we walked through the doors at the Sheffield Village location we were made to feel welcome and told that Rose's reasons for being there were of the utmost importance!

After meeting Dr. Zanotti and his Physician's Assistant (Bob), we knew that we had been referred to the right people! Outstanding, Courteous, Professional, Caring and Knowledgeable are but a few of their qualities. The intake folks at the front desk, the nurses, and All the staff, both medical and support staff, have obviously all been hired because they possess these qualities!


Rose had her surgery on October 9th and she has many medical issues to handle as we all make her knees right again... and for this care, I THANK YOU! Rose has been my Bride for 25+ years and her health is so very important to me, so I cannot think of anyone more qualified to handle this than Dr. Zanotti and All of his team there at the Center for Orthopedics.

With Our Sincerest Thanks,I sincerely thank Dr. Robert Zanotti and each and every one of the Entire Staff for her fine care received thus far .... and as I stated earlier, we have been referred to the right people!

John and Rose Kilnapp