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CFO’s Orthopedic Injury Clinic: “There’s Nothing Like It!”

temp-post-imageAngela Simone had the vacation of a lifetime in Italy -- she walked cobblestone streets, climbed the stairs to gorgeous churches and wandered in sprawling piazzas. Then she came home to growing knee pain. After a week of it getting worse instead of better, Angela knew she needed to schedule an appointment... with someone.

However, she also knew it would take awhile to get an appointment with her family doctor and then he’d make a referral to a specialist, which she knew would take even more time. The issue was that the pain was bad enough that she didn’t want to wait that long, but it wasn’t really bad enough for a trip to the ER. She considered her local urgent care, but figured they might just her back to her primary care doctor for a referral.

That’s when her friend at work mentioned the Center for Orthopedics Injury Clinic in Sheffield. Angela went online to check it out and decided to pre-schedule a check in time for Friday afternoon.

She was incredibly impressed with the entire process.

“Within one hour, I filled out new patient paperwork, got X rays, saw the nurse practitioner, saw Dr. Sandhu, got a brace and a physical therapy referral and scheduled a follow up. All that and the copay for going there was lower than all my other options.”

Turns out Angela had sustained a patella kneecap injury somewhere in the last year and her vacation had aggravated the injury.

She is also pleased with the physical therapy she’s receiving at UH Elyria Medical Center.

“I got the referral Friday afternoon and they started me on Tuesday. I have waited for nothing throughout this experience.”

That’s why Angela is already recommending that friends and family use the injury clinic at CFO.

“I have a friend who lives on the East Side of Cleveland who injured her ankle and she is going to drive Sheffield Village just to go the CFO injury Clinic. There’s nothing else like it! Thank you for having such a wonderful option. I will recommend you guys to anybody.”

Thank you Angela, for sharing your story!

If you have a sudden injury as the result of an accident, sports, or other physical activity, visit the Center for Orthopedics’ Injury Clinic. Injuries we treat include, but are not limited to, sprains and strains, closed fractures, minor dislocations, swollen or painful joints, and any sudden or severe pain.

Visit our Orthopedic Injury Clinic page to learn more, pre-schedule a check in time, or call 440-329-2800 for more information.