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At The Center for Orthopedics, we offer the first-rate care you need, right where you need it. Our six orthopedic surgeons and one medical orthopedist, are all highly trained in the most cutting-edge procedures. From total joint replacement and sports medicine to fracture care and physical therapy, we’ve got you covered. In fact, our number one goal is getting you back to living better. Just ask our patients.

Robert Pesti is almost fully recovered from his second total knee replacement and ready to take on the world. “Look for me in the Senior Olympics. I’m going to set the new record in the Senior High Jump. It’s currently 1 ft. 2 inches.”

All joking aside, Robert is thrilled to be back to his active lifestyle, which is not actually as an Olympian, but an avid golfer. Golf was what brought him to Dr. William Stanfield. A tee-time friend had also had knee replacement done and recommended Center for Orthopedics and Dr. Stanfield, specifically

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Eric credits his rotator cuff surgery with Dr. Zanotti and the physical therapy for his returned shoulder strength. When he experienced the tear and did PT, he was able to restore much of his shoulder strength and range of motion.

“Before the surgery, when I had the tear and did PT, I got it to about 80%, but this time I’m at 100%. I believe it’s because I did what I was told, and I didn’t overdo it. I gotta say, my shoulder is stronger than it’s ever been, and I’m about an inch away from complete range of motion.”

Although he felt better sooner, Eric gave his shoulder the recommended 6 months for full healing. “Now I’m back on full duty."

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Sisters share a lot of things — clothes, secrets, bad cartilage and... orthopedic surgeons. Well, that last one is probably unique to Sheila Pavlik and Jill Mourino, who both had total knee replacement surgery, on both knees, with Dr. William Stanfield. And, yes, they got them done on the same day.

The two sisters were in agreement about returning to their active lifestyles and about the date for surgery, July 11th. Dr. Stanfield performed the bilateral knee replacements that day and the sister's say they would “absolutely recommend” TKR with Dr. Stanfield and The Center for Orthopedics.

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Michelle Kaiser, who has been seeing Dr. Zanotti for six years for her bad knees, was frustrated getting approval for her orthovisc injections.

"Dr. Zanotti’s Clinical Assistant, Val, jumped in and helped advocate and navigate the process with me. She called me at every step and followed through with everything. And, ever since that time, she has continued to do that and so I always know what’s going on. She does it for my medications and everything else that my family and I need done.”

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Dr. Zanotti walked into Richard's exam room and said, ‘I thought you were going to be 75, not 60. That hip is not pretty.”

Dr. Zanotti suggested a hip replacement, but Richard wanted to continue water skiing, hiking and teaching physical education. Dr. Zanotti assured him he could remain active and have less pain. Richard encourages active people to get checked out.

“We active folks tend to ignore physical pain hoping it will go away. But I would absolutely recommend getting it checked out if you can’t do what you normally do. Just get it fixed and move forward."

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High school freshman, Emily Gardner, is a front row hitter in competitive club volleyball year round. She tore her left ACL and had a torn meniscus, and Dr. Daniel Zanotti knew that reconstructive surgery was the best treatment for both injuries. Unfortunately, it meant Emily would be off her Freshman High school team, but would be ready to play again in her Sophomore year, which is the season that matters for college recruitment.

“I love volleyball,” Emily says, “It’s like my life. I want to play D2 Volleyball in college on scholarship.”

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Both times Ruth had the reverse total shoulder replacement -- the first time she was the first ever in Lorain county -- she came away with a fixed shoulder and a grateful heart.

“Thank God for Dr. Z,” says Ruth. “I always hope I don’t have to go see him, but I’m glad he’s there when I need him.”

People ask Ruth why she and her husband travel from Parma out to Lorain County to go to The Center for Orthopedics, “These folks have been taking care of me for over 20 years and each time, it is amazing."

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Coach Dennis Balogh, 34, is ready for the new wrestling season—complete with a new ACL—thanks to all-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction.

“When I was wrestling full-go with one of the 189-pounders, he took his shot and my foot got caught in the mat. I heard a loud ‘pop’ and then felt a lot of pain. When I saw Dr. Zanotti, I said, ‘I think I’ve torn the cartilage in my knee,’ Balogh recalls. “He tested my leg and told me, ‘Your ACL is gone.’ He knew it immediately—and an MRI confirmed that I’d completely torn my ACL. Dr. Zanotti used a brand-new all-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction procedure”

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55-year-old Ralph was on a ladder cleaning out roof gutters. The ladder slid out from underneath him and he fell, landing on his back on the steps of the nearby deck.

“It was very painful,” Ralph recalls. “I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t even sit. When I saw Dr. Berkowitz before my surgery, he told me, ‘When you come out of surgery, what is hurting you now will not hurt anymore,’” Ralph recalls. “He was right—thank God!”

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Janis injured her knee in a traumatic skiing accident.
“I came to a really steep part, lost control and fell pretty hard. My knee went under me and I tore my ACL. I came home, and Dr. Zanotti did my surgery one day and I started physical therapy the very next. Now I’m back to running three miles every other day.”

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