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At The Center for Orthopedics, we offer the first-rate care you need, right where you need it. Our six orthopedic surgeons and one medical orthopedist, are all highly trained in the most cutting-edge procedures. From total joint replacement and sports medicine to fracture care and physical therapy, we’ve got you covered. In fact, our number one goal is getting you back to living better. Just ask our patients.

Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology, developed in 2006, is transforming the way joint replacement procedures are performed. Over 83,000 Mako hip and knee replacement procedures have been performed around the world since the technology’s invention and now UH Elyria Medical Center offers this technology for partial and total knee replacement and total hip replacement.

Center for Orthopedic physicians Dr. William Stanfield, Dr. David Marsh and Dr. Matthew Popa are all advance-trained in Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology. Dr. Stanfield recently completed the first two Mako total knee replacements at UH Elyria Medical Center.



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Sue and Woody Schubert live an active lifestyle. They hike, walk their dogs 5 miles a day, and Woody also enjoys running. Approximately three years ago, their fit way of life got sidelined by pain. Sue was having knee trouble while Woody's hip was giving him problems.

Sue was the first to take action, having her right knee replaced by Dr. Robert Zanotti. Then Woody decided to get a consultation on his hip with Dr. William Stanfield. Both Sue and Woody said their experience with CFO, Dr. Stanfield and Dr. Zanotti could not have been any better.

As Sue said, “The doctors were fantastic. The office staff was fantastic. The whole program at CFO was top notch. Even as busy as it is in the office, they run it smoothly and the process &mda...

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Bill Moroney has been a basketball official, running the courts, for 14 years. He was running the courts when he noticed he was having issues walking and bending. He spent the next two years hating to bend a certain way or put on his right sock. After a fall shoveling snow, he started using crutches and could no longer manage steps.

“The Doctor asked me about the walking problems, and I told him I thought it was arthritis. He x-rayed my entire right side and said, ‘What happened to your right hip? You don’t have one!’”

Dr. William Stanfield did a full right hip replacement and Bill was impressed by how quickly he was able to resume the activities he had been denied for years. “Last year I was sedentary. ...

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Kevin began treatment with cortisone injections, but after those had run their course, Dr. Dan Zanotti offered and educated Kevin about PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections.

Kevin said, “After the second injection, my world changed. The difference was nothing short of a miracle. In 3-7 days, I stopped being aware of any knee pain at all. I could walk, run, bike and do anything and everything virtually pain free. I honestly, don’t even think about my knee anymore. I’m very thankful.”

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Jackie Koepf is no stranger to Center for Orthopedics. She works at UH Elyria Medical Center checking in patients. So the day after her trip to the ER for a broken wrist, she scheduled a next day appointment at CFO’s Orthopedic Injury Clinic.

When she came into the Injury Clinic, and saw Dr Marsh, she knew she didn't want to do surgery and asked about other options. “I’m the kind of person who barely takes over the counter pain medication. I didn’t want to have surgery if I didn’t have to. Dr. Marsh let me know there was another, not very pleasant option — manipulation. I knew it was the harder road, but for me, it was worth it.”

After the manipulation procedure, Jackie said she felt immediate reli...

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Dr. Daniel Zanotti performed a pioneering shoulder replacement on Sandra McPherson who suffers from early onset arthritis. Since Sandra is young, a traditional shoulder replacement was not an ideal option, as replacements in young, active people tend to wear out between 10 and 15 years. Repeated replacement is not a good option since each replacement involves bone loss until eventually there is not enough bone left to support the implant.

So, Dr. Zanotti suggested a pioneering solution — a humeral head from a deceased organ donor could grant Sandra continued, long-term use of her shoulder.

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When Dr. Berkowitz meets with patients who have neck or back problems and pain, he doesn’t stop at addressing those on a clinical level. He asks them about their habits, their exercise, and lets them know that if they have any questions about how to create a healthier lifestyle, he can help them with answers.

“I tell them, ‘I’m more than happy to sit down with you on my time, during lunch or some other time, to talk about it.’”

One of the things Dr. Berkowitz feels most strongly about is this: “You cannot exercise your way out of bad eating, and if you need exercise to obtain or maintain an optimum weight, I’d question if you are eating right,” he says. “I’m also a firm beli...

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Linda Zochowski fell on an icy sidewalk and landed square on her knees. Although she had surgery afterwards for a damaged meniscus, walking was never quite the same. She missed pain free activities like bowling, bike riding and walking the dog.

So, she scheduled her first visit with Dr. Robert Zanotti and was impressed, especially by Dr. Zanotti’s no-pressure attitude about surgery. “He explained all my options and never pushed me to choose surgery, even though I think we both knew that would be best. He also took the time to have a separate appointment to talk with my husband about surgery and recovery so he could be prepared.”

While Dr. Zanotti’s openness was remarkable, Linda was even more impressed by his skill ...

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Brenda James and her husband came to Center for Orthopedics and Dr. Dan Zanotti for many years while they lived in Avon. When they moved to Berlin Heights, however, they had no intention of switching orthopedic doctors.

Dr. Zanotti was surprised when Brenda told him she’d moved and was still making the drive for appointments. Brenda says, “I told him, ‘I’d drive over an hour to come see you because I know you’ll do right.’”

The most recent thing Dr. Zanotti has done right for Brenda is a knee replacement on her right knee, which she’d been struggling with for about a year.

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Robert Pesti is almost fully recovered from his second total knee replacement and ready to take on the world. “Look for me in the Senior Olympics. I’m going to set the new record in the Senior High Jump. It’s currently 1 ft. 2 inches.”

All joking aside, Robert is thrilled to be back to his active lifestyle, which is not actually as an Olympian, but an avid golfer. Golf was what brought him to Dr. William Stanfield. A tee-time friend had also had knee replacement done and recommended Center for Orthopedics and Dr. Stanfield, specifically

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