Success Stories

At The Center for Orthopedics, we offer the first-rate care you need, right where you need it. Our six orthopedic surgeons and one medical orthopedist, are all highly trained in the most cutting-edge procedures. From total joint replacement and sports medicine to fracture care and physical therapy, we’ve got you covered. In fact, our number one goal is getting you back to living better. Just ask our patients.

Janis injured her knee in a traumatic skiing accident.
“I came to a really steep part, lost control and fell pretty hard. My knee went under me and I tore my ACL. I came home, and Dr. Zanotti did my surgery one day and I started physical therapy the very next. Now I’m back to running three miles every other day.”

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55-year-old Ralph was on a ladder cleaning out roof gutters. The ladder slid out from underneath him and he fell, landing on his back on the steps of the nearby deck.

“It was very painful,” Ralph recalls. “I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t even sit. When I saw Dr. Berkowitz before my surgery, he told me, ‘When you come out of surgery, what is hurting you now will not hurt anymore,’” Ralph recalls. “He was right—thank God!”

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Coach Dennis Balogh, 34, is ready for the new wrestling season—complete with a new ACL—thanks to all-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction.

“When I was wrestling full-go with one of the 189-pounders, he took his shot and my foot got caught in the mat. I heard a loud ‘pop’ and then felt a lot of pain. When I saw Dr. Zanotti, I said, ‘I think I’ve torn the cartilage in my knee,’ Balogh recalls. “He tested my leg and told me, ‘Your ACL is gone.’ He knew it immediately—and an MRI confirmed that I’d completely torn my ACL. Dr. Zanotti used a brand-new all-arthroscopic ACL reconstruction procedure”

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Robert Knight, 78, a retired air traffic controller from Elyria, Ohio, fell off a ladder in 2006 and severely tore the rotator cuff in his left shoulder.

“After arthroscopic surgery and a full open procedure, I was in constant pain, then a friend saw an article about Dr. Zanotti performing reverse total shoulder replacement and I went to see if I could have it done. Dr. Zanotti ran some tests and told me I was a prime candidate, and I said, ‘Well, do it!’ I’m now pain-free and I can do just about everything!” he said.

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