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Success Stories

Meet Our Advanced Trained Surgeons for Robotic-Assist Joint Surgery

Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology, developed in 2006, is transforming the way joint replacement procedures are performed. Over 83,000 Mako hip and knee replacement procedures have been performed around the world since the technology’s invention and now UH Elyria Medical Center offers this technology for partial and total knee replacement and total hip replacement.

Center for Orthopedic physicians Dr. William Stanfield, Dr. David Marsh and Dr. Matthew Popa are all advance-trained in Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology. Dr. Stanfield recently completed the first two Mako total knee replacements at UH Elyria Medical Center.


Mako Technology is designed to help surgeons provide patients with a personalized surgical experience based on their specific diagnosis and anatomy. It also aims to increase placement accuracy of implants and protect soft tissue and ligaments around joints during replacement.

Dr. Stanfield says, “With this new technology, we anticipate over 90% of our joint replacements will go home the day after surgery and most will be up walking on them the day of surgery.”

The Mako joint replacement experience begins with a CT scan of the patient’s knee or hip joint that is then used to generate a 3D virtual model of the patient’s unique anatomy. This virtual model is loaded into the Mako System software and is used by Dr. Stanfield, Dr. Marsh or Dr. Popa to create a personalized pre-operative plan.

In the operating room, the surgeon will use the Mako System to assist in performing the surgery. The technology helps the surgeon stay within the boundaries that were defined when the plan was created, while still allowing adjustments to be made during surgery as needed.
To learn more about how our surgeons can use Mako Robotic-Arm Technology during your partial or total knee replacement or total hip replacement, schedule an appointment with Dr. William Stanfield, Dr. David Marsh or Dr. Matthew Popa. Call 440-329-2800.