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Dr. Ciaccia and CFO Get 5 / 5 Stars


Darlene Gargalianos was having a relaxing time in Jamaica until she slipped on the pool deck and broke her wrist. She had never broken a bone before, but even so, she felt like the emergency room at the Montego Bay hospital in Jamaica might not done everything quite right.

So, she called CFO and went to see Dr. Scott Ciaccia and sure enough, it wasn’t set right and was going to heal crooked in the cast. Darlene saw the doctor on Monday and had wrist surgery on Wednesday... complete with pins and a plate to fix the error.

Darlene was worried about the plate and how it would affect range of motion and pain.

“Six weeks after surgery, I didn’t even know I’d had it done. If there wasn’t a scar, I wouldn’t know I had a plate in my wrist. I have a full range of motion and I can’t feel anything different.”

Pain has never been an issue for Darlene. She had the nerve block, took one pain pill after surgery, and says she never experienced discomfort. However, she did start to feel numbness after she finished her twelve sessions of physical therapy.

It turns out Darlene had developed carpal tunnel in the same wrist, so after Dr. Ciaccia explained all her options, she decided to have surgery to relieve the numbness and tingling. She was just as impressed with Dr. Ciaccia after this procedure.

“Carpal tunnel surgery was such an easy procedure it’s unbelievable. I’ve got co workers with carpal tunnel and I’m telling them all to see Dr. Ciaccia and have the procedure. It’s quick and easy and effective. No big deal at all.”

All of Darlene’s experiences with Center For Orthopedics doctors and staff have been positive, which is why she wanted to tell us her story.

“Dr. Ciaccia has been wonderful I wanted people to know what a good job he’s done. He’s been so professional. He tells me everything so I can understand it and make informed decisions. I have nothing but positive things to say about everyone at CFO. I would give everyone who works there a 5 out of 5 stars.”

Thanks Darlene, you’re a 5 out of 5 star patient! Are you experiencing hand or wrist problems? Worried about carpal tunnel? Give Center for Orthopedics a call at 440-329-2800 and schedule an appointment today with Dr. Ciaccia.