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Dr. Robert Zanotti: “Amazing Doctor AND Patient Advocate”

When Peg Libecap’s knee started to interfere with walking, she looked for a doctor with a good reputation and found Robert Zanotti, MD at the UH Center for Orthopedics. After seeing him for a while, and being content with cortisone shots, Peg’s left knee got so bad it essentially collapsed. It became very difficult to even administer a shot. That’s when she and Dr. Zanotti decided it was time for the total knee replacement.


Peg says, “Getting this done with CFO was a seamless process. Dr. Zanotti sent me to a seminar to learn all about the procedure and I understood what would happen before and after.”

But it wasn’t just a thorough preparation that impressed Peg. It was also Dr. Zanotti’s commitment to her wellbeing and recovery.

“I love Dr. Zanotti because he’s not just a great doctor; he’s a patient advocate. He personally spent three hours on the phone with my insurance to make sure my in-patient physical therapy was covered. He’s amazing”.

After surgery, Peg was pleased with the physical therapy and her pain level, saying it was “always managed.” Now, after a month, she only takes Tylenol and uses ice and says her pain is mild. She’s doing physical therapy in her home at the moment and soon doing it outpatient -- all covered by insurance.

Of course, what’s most important to Peg, is that she’s gotten her life back. “I can do everything again. I can walk again and do my laundry and I am not tired.”

She credits her experience with the staff at CFO and Allen Mercy Hospital in Oberlin for getting her to this point. “They are awesome and kind and they explain everything while being so helpful. They all work very well together and are a wonderful team. Every person I deal with has been kind and committed to helping me recover. It could not have gone any better.”

Since it’s gone so well for Peg, she’s been spreading the good news of knee replacement to friends and family. She is one of 12 children and says her siblings, in particular, have been hearing her surgery success story. In fact, she has convinced her sister into having the procedure done this Spring and says her own good surgery outcome has been the catalyst.

Peg says, “If you’re considering it, do it sooner than later. Don’t put it off. It’s a short and seamless process. Get your active life back.”

In fact, Peg plans to take her own advice on her right knee, which is also giving her trouble. Once her “good” knee, she now realizes how bad it has gotten, after having her left knee replaced. She’s already planning to have the second knee done with Dr. Zanotti as soon as it gets to that point.

How are your knees doing? If knee pain is infringing on your quality of life, come see Dr. Robert Zanotti or one of our other physicians at Center for Orthopedics. Call 440-329-2800 to schedule your appointment today.