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Success Stories

"Dr. Robert Zanotti is Blessed with a Great Talent"


Linda Zochowski fell on an icy sidewalk and landed square on her knees. Although she had surgery afterwards for a damaged meniscus, walking was never quite the same. She missed pain free activities like bowling, bike riding and walking the dog.

So, she scheduled her first visit with Dr. Robert Zanotti and was impressed, especially by Dr. Zanotti’s no-pressure attitude about surgery.

“He explained all my options and never pushed me to choose surgery, even though I think we both knew that would be best. He also took the time to have a separate appointment to talk with my husband about surgery and recovery so he could be prepared.”

While Dr. Zanotti’s openness was remarkable, Linda was even more impressed by his skill as a surgeon.

“He told my husband the surgery had been little trickier than anticipated, but my recovery was fast. By the time I had the staples out, I was well on my way, and at about three weeks, I no longer need any assistance with cane or walker.”

In fact, the surgery, hospital recovery and physical therapy at Center For Orthopedics were all such positive experiences that Linda was ready to do her second knee within six months.

“When I was released by my CFO therapist, I had great movement and zero pain. This knee replacement was such a great experience that six months later I scheduled my other knee. And just like before, I had the same wonderful experience with Dr Zanotti, the hospital and staff, along with the same great results!”

Linda is so pleased with her new knees she says she’s been telling everyone about her great experience, even those who don’t ask! She says loves to share the news because Dr. Zanotti’s combination of caring and talent can be hard to find.

“He is very good at his craft, obviously, but he’s also very caring. People need to know he’s out there because too many doctors, some which have less surgical expertise, are not as attentive or considerate as Dr. Zanotti. He has been blessed with a great talent, and I am a firm believer if you have faith in your doctor, and you DO as directed, you will have a great result! Thank you, Dr Zanotti and all his staff at CFO, for two pain free, great knees!”

Thank you Linda for sharing your story again; this time with us!