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Success Stories

Patient Experiences Seamless Back Surgery and Thorough Follow Up


Dr. Berkowitz

William Peterson had been experiencing back pain for four or 5 years on and off, but it was never really bad enough to see anyone. Then, one day, he was out doing heavy yard work, moved a certain way, and his leg fell asleep and never woke up again.

When he went to see Dr. Berkowitz, he learned he had injured his L4 and L5 vertebrae. While he waited for his insurance to pay for an MRI, William says Dr. Berkowitz offered interim treatment options.

William says, “He gave me different options and was very clear about each option would entail. He wasn’t afraid to change course when we had new information and he knew what tests were necessary and which ones were not based on what we were going to try. He saved me a lot of time and hassle. Of course, when we got the MRI done and got results, then he knew I needed surgery.”

William had friends who were orthopedic doctors in Minnesota and he shared Dr. BErkowitz’s conclusions and recommendations with them. They agreed that he was getting sound advice to have surgery.

He’s glad he took the advice: “It went seamlessly. When I woke up, the pain related to my injury was gone. It was immediate. No amount of pain killers had ever really gotten rid of it. And after surgery, I had surgery pain, but the injury pain was gone. I was back to work in a month.”

Internet searches had led William to prepare himself for some post-op roadblocks and he was pleasantly surprised he didn’t have any issues. He creates both Dr. Berkowitz and physical therapist, Ashley Howell, for the smooth recovery.

“Ashley is a body builder, like me, and she has an amazing knowledge of how a body is put together. HEr and Dr. BErkowitz combines, deserve the credit for putting me back together and making sure things went so well.”

When asked if he would recommend Dr. Berkowitz and CFO, William says, “I already have! Dr. Berkowitz is a nice guy. And he’s not only personable, but thorough. All the follow up post op was impressive.”

Are you having unresolved back pain? Call 440-329-2800 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Berkowitz at The Center for Orthopedics.